When they explained to me why I should swallow the s3m3n, I could not believe it. I will never spit it out again

This is not about a male conspiracy to consummate their evil plan and that women do just what they want. For years scientists around the world have proven that sex has many benefits both health and beauty, this is how two Austrian researchers began their studies in search of finding ways to make our body regenerate easier and thus have youth and health for longer.

Frank Madeo and Tobias Eisenberg conducted their research at the Karl Franzen University in Graz, Austria, these scientists have gathered results in 6 countries so they could prove their theory through the scientific method. You can not believe it!

They found the existence of Spermidine, this substance is produced by the male body and can be found in large quantities in semen, it is so powerful that it has the power to repair damaged cells in the body and delay aging. It also has the ability to control anxiety and depression. Surprised?

The scientific community is astonished with these findings, previously it had been proven that semen is rich in proteins, but these studies on Spermidine have opened the door to an infinity of medical uses, at present this is the basis for the development of treatments to fight against Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s, could save many lives Great!

Eisenberg commented the following at a press conference “It really seems that we have found the Holy Grail of research on the aging process. A true milestone in the history of mankind! “Surprisingly this substance can also be found in some simple foods such as soy, grapefruit or cereal germ.

So you already know girls Dare! Make your boy enjoy and at the same time they will be having the best beauty treatment.

There is no doubt that love keeps you healthier for many reasons, you have more physical activity, this way our bodies create hormones that have a positive effect on our health for much longer. According to these scientific findings, semen is definitely good for your health.

In a recent investigation they concluded that having oral sex and swallowing semen, apart from exciting it credited us with benefits such as good health and helps to keep us relaxed, such a simple test was proved by two German scientists who seek the secret of longevity and They claim to have discovered it in the seminal fluid (sperm).

“Love is Healthy and Keeps You Young”:

Researchers from the prestigious Karl Frenzen University of Graz in Australia have proved this fact in a credible and appreciable scientific way in the eyes of the world, because they submitted to collaborators to have oral sex by testing in 6 countries of the world obtaining incredible results .

The good result is due to a substance called spermidine that is among the fluids of the seminal fluid and has the ability to renew and delay cell aging, giving opportunity for slow aging of our body, this substance can also be very useful in people with anxiety and depression.


Spermidine contains polyamines play a fundamental role in human metabolism by acting as secondary messengers, mediating the activity of different hormones and growth factors has been called this discovery as “a true milestone in human history.” These substances have been proven to help the treatment of cancer, diabetes, Parkinson’s, Alzheimer’s, trying to reduce their effects or delaying them, this substance known as spermidine not only found in semen is also found in soybeans, wheat germ , in grapefruit, in cereals

Benefits of swallowing semen

Moisturizes the skin

The antioxidant called spermine that helps reduce wrinkles, softens the skin and even relieves acne. This property is so effective that a Norwegian company has synthesized this component and markets it as the main ingredient of one of its facial creams.

Relieves ovarian pain

The content of a protein that directly affects the areas of the female brain that regulate ovulation and indirectly also in the maintenance and survival of nerve cells. Both effects make the presence of semen send “a signal” to the hypothalamus and the pituitary gland that announces the moment when the ovaries must release an ovum also helps with menstrual cramps and their symptoms.

Headaches and morning sickness

Semen could cure morning sickness and headaches that are marked by the ovulatory cycle that affect pregnant women. The woman’s body perceives the genetic material of the father as a strange agent, so she tries to reject it generating the sensation of vomiting. The way to “immunize” against this problem would be to swallow or swallow the semen of the child’s father.

Shiny and healthy hair

Strengthens the scalp due to its high content of vitamin E, also works by applying it directly to the hair as a hair mask for ten minutes and then rinse you will see almost immediate results.

Antidepressant for women

Remove the depression studies have shown that cortisol, melatonin or serotonin, cause a hormonal reaction that modifies the state of mind is that the semen has the power to get you out of a deep depression. If it is done with love it will give magnificent results, the stimulation of the nervous system is powerful.

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