The 10 best nudist beaches in the world

The nudist beaches, also known as optional beaches, free or naturist, are places where you can take off your swimsuit and enjoy the sun, sand and water with the freedom of a lazy nude. The nude beaches are few and far away, but we have rounded up a list of the best and cheapest in the world. Just do not forget the sunscreen.

Red Beach, Crête, Greece
Red Beach is an intimate, secluded nudist beach with red, thick, clear sand of rusty water. The area can be accessed through a 20-minute walk from Matala, and around the beach visitors will find caves, ancient ruins and cliffs of red sandstone. The picturesque Red Beach became a tourist access point in the 1960s when hippies across Europe came to experience a nude beach. Enjoy the tranquility and rustic charm of this Greek beauty of 300 meters long.

Plakias Beach, Crête, Greece
With a length of 1.3 kilometers, Plakias Beach is one of the largest and most picturesque beaches of Crête. The popular destination has panoramic views of rocky cliffs, cool turquoise waters and soft sandy beaches. Naked bathers tend to stick to the east edge of the beach. The beach of Plakias also offers excellent diving and windsurfing in a relatively shallow and calm sea.

Valalta, Rovinj, Croatia
Valalta is a very popular naturist beach and a nudist camp that opened its doors in the late sixties. Located in an area surrounded by olive trees and idyllic vineyards, you will have an excellent view no matter where you look. The beach is two miles long with sandy and rocky areas, as well as intimate coves to explore, and the bright blue water shines in the sun. Valalta is the only naturist port on the Adriatic Sea.

Wreck Beach, Vancouver, Canada
Named for the shipwreck that used to be in its sands, Wreck Beach was Canada’s first optional beach approved by the government and clothing. The three miles of the beautiful beach are only 15 minutes from downtown Vancouver, but the remote area is accessible only on foot. Wreck Beach is quite popular with students at the nearby University of British Columbia, and is the largest nudist beach in North America.

Cap d’Agde, Agde, France
Cap d’Agde is a world-famous naturist complex. Located in the south of France, the small town grows to a population of around 40,000 in the summer months, and nudity also comes to life on the beach. In this small French city, you can do much more than simply sunbathing or a slim bath with your birthday suit, you can buy, dine and see everything naked. As a tip, the locals tend to keep things very clean and tidy down.

Haulover Beach, Bal Harbor, FL, USA UU
North of Miami is the best place to bathe naked in Florida. Haulover beach receives more than one million visitors each year, and the busy beach manages to maintain a family atmosphere. The South Beach Free Beach Association has helped Haulover receive certified lifeguards and has organized group activities such as volleyball. The 800-yard strip of white sand beach has excellent weather almost all year round.

Bellevue beach, Klampenborg, Denmark Denmark
may not be the first country you can think of when you dream of nudist places, but Bellevue beach is a piece of paradise 700 meters long. Located just 10 kilometers from the center of Copenhagen, the complex was designed in the 1930s, when holiday entitlement became mandatory in Denmark. Each year, around half a million visitors flock to the beach, which makes it the most popular in Denmark.

Hidden Beach Resort, Riviera Maya, Mexico
This luxurious coastal resort is an isolated naturist refuge. In Hidden Beach Resort there are 45 suites facing the sea where visitors will eat, drink, relax and bathe naked. Because it is designed for nudists, the resort is for adults only and the staff recommends bringing a towel to sit at all times. The all-inclusive package offers dances, spa visits and explorations along the Mayan Riviera of Mexico. In addition, you get access to some of the best beaches in the area.

Little Beach, Maui, HI, USA UU
Little Beach is a quiet and clear beach located next to the Great Maui Beach. The intimate stretch of white sand beaches and turquoise water is one of the most beautiful places in Hawaii to rest by the water. Although nudity is not technically legal, it is tolerated in this secluded and relaxed area. Some tourists prefer to wear clothes, but most take advantage of the lack of compliance with the nudity laws here.

Massarandupió Beach, Bahia, Brazil
Praia do Pinho is probably the best-known nudist beach in Brazil, but if you’re looking for something more isolated, you should visit the lesser-known Massarandupió. This beach can only be accessed by a single road followed by a 1.5-kilometer hike. The beach has an amazing length of 12 kilometers, but only 2 kilometers are reserved for naturists. This beach is a lovely place for those who shudder at the idea of ​​visiting a beach full of tourists.

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