See why she is considered the only most perfect woman in history. These 11 photos show it.

Her name is Anastasiya Kvitko and at 21 she has become the sensation in social networks. Four years ago she started her career as a model in her native Russia but when she moved to the city of Miami, she became more popular. Look at these 11 photos that show why they say the “Kim Kardashian Russian”:
1.- She insists that she has never undergone surgeries and that all her attributes are natural.

2.- The first modeling agency that hired her asked her to lose weight, she refused.

3.- Love to take selfies.

4.- Most of their advertising campaigns are lingerie and swimwear.

5.- Where you see it is incredible.

6.- By its attributes it is compared with Kim, but perhaps Anastasiya surpasses it.

7.- Even natural is beautiful.

8.- You can tell that he loves his body, expresses a lot of security.

9.- Change the color of your hair constantly but all tones work well.

10.- Take good care of your body with exercise and a healthy diet.

11.- Anastasiya has a profile on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram, follow her to see more of her favorite photos.

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