15 photos show that broken jeans were a good idea until the sun came up

Wearing clothes that are in trend can give you a certain status with society, but you know what the saying says: fashion that suits you; and it is that there are jeans that look very beautiful when you try them, even, you imagine how good they will be and the envy that you will cause, but you never stop to think about the consequences or the damages that will come after using them for hours. true?

If you wear torn jeans and expose yourself to the sun, be sure that you will experience one of the worst moments when you arrive at your house at the end of the day, because it is very possible that your skin will burn and there will be the marks of the openings painted on it. your legs, just like it happened with these girls.

1. Ripped jeans are a nice trend

2. But before buying them to see you like this

3. Think very well about the consequences, especially if you use them under the sun

4. You can end up with some horrible spots

5. The sun can burn the uncovered parts

6. You will look like a tiger if you expose yourself a lot of time to the rays of the sun

8. Literally, you will be a sore tiger

9. Maybe you think: “Hey, I have jeans on, I should not worry”

10. But the sun will catch you, and it will hurt you

11. When you wear torn jeans your knees end up with severe burns

12. This summer think about your thighs

13. Pay attention to your legs!

14. If you do not want your skin to look like this

15. Then use them with caution, do not expose yourself for hours in the sun with slanted jeans

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