12 positions of masturbation that prove that you do not need a partner for pleasure

S3x is a basic instinct that we explore and discover gradually over time as we mature, develop and grow. One of the greatest gifts that a woman has received and that is the gift of multiple orgasms. Each orgasm of a woman is different where some are low and others are of higher peaks. Therefore, it is very important to know how to indulge oneself when the momentum comes. Masturbation is the means by which a woman completes herself and discovers herself. This will also prove that women do not need a partner for pleasure whenever the need arises. As women have multiple orgasms, so does masturbation, which also has multiple positions to give that divine pleasure, which they seek.

You just have to be careful not to reach the extremes with masturbation or the use of toys, since you will lose sensitivity and sense of touch. So, if possible, enjoy masturbation in all positions and experience the true pleasure of being a woman.

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1. Circle Perk

This position of masturbation allows all the nerve endings to be stimulated in their hot spot, since the titration of the clitoris is a long process that involves a lot of pressure and is quite intense. So, sit comfortably because this gives your intermediate legs enough access to use your finger to draw a circle around the clitoris. Make a slow start and gradually increase the speed and pressure according to the level of pleasure.

Masturbation shows that you do not need a couple's pleasure


2. Grinding the sofa

You can still enjoy certain positions without a partner, such as driving on top. You can mount the arm of a sofa by placing a blanket or towel over it. Slowly move your hips on it and increase your speed, until you discover the right rhythm, which gives you the pleasure you are looking for. Those who prefer a decent and compact pressure, this movement will only cause sexual ecstasy and show that you do not need a companion to ride.

Masturbation shows that you do not need a couple's pleasure


3. Direct to point G

This is the most sensational position, lying on your back, with your knees towards your chest. With one or two fingers inserted deeply, pressed against the front wall of the vagina and with fingers curled up, the movement begins slowly and steadily. For a change, try one leg bent to your chest with the other extended, or place a pillow under your hips.

Masturbation shows that you do not need a couple's pleasure


4. belly down

If you intend to have a serious orgasm without a partner, then move with this simple movement. Place your hands firmly between your legs and lie flat on your stomach. Then, move your legs together by moving your hips up and down, as this will stimulate your clitoris. You can use the pillow to muffle your moans if you are worried about your roommates.

Masturbation shows that you do not need a couple's pleasure


5. Tap Dance

When you tire of rubbing your clitoris, switch to tapping and you will experience the most intense sensation instantly. Lie on one side with one leg stretched and the other bent, then gently separate and hold the lips to the sides, then apply a small drop of lubricant to the clitoris. Begin to play gently with the other hand and increase the speed to make a tougher touch for a magical experience.

Masturbation shows that you do not need a couple's pleasure


6. The standing pillar

This position will show that you do not need a partner, try to stand against a wall, close your eyes, lower your hand and begin to stroke your hot spot. It is one of the best positions for a midday quickie. When there is too much pressure in the office and you need to cool off, just go to the bathroom and stand up.

Masturbation shows that you do not need a couple's pleasure

7. El Squat-And-Rock

This position can cause your thighs to burn, but you do not need to worry, as it will give you a super feeling. First, squat and rhythm your hips from side to side, while you play with your hand or with a vibrator. The swinging movement back and forth will give you the feeling of cowgirl and will make your body move freely.

Masturbation shows that you do not need a couple's pleasure


8. The pose of a corpse

When you lie on your back on your bed, like a corpse in yoga and fantasize about someone sexy besides your partner, while you masturbate. However, it may be a bit of vanilla, but it fulfills the purpose and is perfect for those days when everything goes wrong. So, you just want to go home and crash in bed like a corpse, but you also need something to feel better. This is a totally reliable, instant and sweet pose for pleasure that will show that you do not need a partner.

Masturbation shows that you do not need a couple's pleasure


9. The long way around

Lying on your back every time becomes quite boring, therefore, try to change position by lying on your stomach and have your hand and fingers travel from behind to reach your hot spot. Certain parts of the vagina that you can not reach normally, this angle allows you to do it and will show that pleasure is worth it from the back.

Masturbation shows that you do not need a couple's pleasure


10. The horny mermaid

Masturbation in the bathtub or shower is a very common sight. Test the position of Horny Mermaid with your legs at an angle, so that the tap points towards your vagina, especially your clitoris and let the water shoot. The sensation will be so intense and surprising, that it will only take your breath away, just make sure you adjust the water pressure.

Masturbation shows that you do not need a couple's pleasure


11. a three way

You do not need a partner, this is a pleasure of three-way self-help, which can be reached with the knees towards the chest, then with one hand, play with the nipples and her clitoris with the other. You can change hands to keep the memory interesting.

Masturbation shows that you do not need a couple's pleasure


12. The leg shaver

Many women ignore this awesome position of standing and masturbating. By placing one foot on the chair, bathtub or toilet seat and leaning against the wall, full access of the vulva is allowed. Now, either with your fingers or with the shower jet, start to get annoyed by experiencing a fantastic orgasm. When you stand up, the muscles of your pelvic floor activate the nerves of “feel good” in the erectile tissue of your genitals, which gives you incredible climax. This will show how exciting this position can be.

Masturbation shows that you do not need a couple's pleasure

People believe that Mia Khalifa’s controversial rise to fame was false

Surprise surprise … The rise of Mia Khalifa to fame was a scam! All right…. At least that’s what the internet stuff does.

According to Complex, the entire Mia movement could have been a fucking scam!

The video was published on Scoreland, a blog for adult entertainment company Score, on October 17, 2014, and in the following nine months, the woman of Lebanese origin changed a lot. On December 28, PornHub, one of the largest pornography piracy sites in the world, announced that Khalifa had become the most wanted. Somehow, that story fell into the hands of the Lebanese Examiners, who published an article that said Khalifa was creating a shit storm in his home country.

Khalifa appears in less than ten videos on Scoreland and, instead, quickly went on to upload pornography on his own website, after signing with Bang Bros. Production Company.

A video showed Mia, born in Lebanon, who represents a personal fantasy, involving a trio with a man, her stepmother and herself.

Khalifa subtitled the video:

I’ve always had a fantasy that said something like this: When my stepmother finds out I’m dating an American man, she’s about to lose her shit. Fortunately, we are a sweet and conservative family that is sensible and reasonable.

So, naturally, we have a competition to see who can best please my boyfriend to determine if I can continue dating him or not. Totally normal, right?

I was afraid of having a trio in general, much less with my STEP MOM, but the taboo seems to be my middle name. Making a recreation of this fantasy opened a mental door that led me to want to venture on the other side of the trios … I am so happy to be able to archive all my dirty deeds and the darkest fantasies in a place for you.

Mia wears a hijab that caught the attention of the public in Lebanon, Mia’s home country. According to Beirut reports, appearing in the Lebanese Examiner, Mia provoked outrage among local conservative groups.

Khalifa was criticized for proudly displaying her heritage through a series of Arab tattoos revealed in the pornographic content, while at the same time exploring her own sexuality.

Mia said: “You just need to understand that everything that Bang Bros produces is basically a satire. Whatever we do, South Park has been ten times worse. “

At this time, it is possible that Pornhub has taken out a shitty business by naming Khalifa as the most popular porn star on her site between January 3 and January 6.

Pornhub is known for its public relations gimmicks and its controversial marketing schemes, and the case of Mia Khalifa’s rise to a legendary mythological state seems to involve the same tactics.

According to Complex, many experts and industry directors have never heard of it, much less have met or worked with the legend, Mia Khalifa. Subsequently, it seems that his porn career has been cut.

Adult artist, Casey Calvert told the online culture website: Nobody really knows who she is. She was never out [at LA] working.

Mia has accumulated one of the greatest social followers known in the porn industry.

Something is simply not right. But in the end. Fuck everyone. I was happy to have seen Mia Khalifa naked.

10 celebrities who captured their intimate moments on a tape and then lamented

Being a popular celebrity has some additional bonuses, fans go crazy to take a look at your intimate moments, unlimited emails from fans and gifts and the powerful presence to steal the spotlight at any show. But there is always a price that one has to pay for pleasure, and no one knows it better than a celebrity. These celebrities have to compromise with their privacy, as they are constantly harassed by the paparazzi, to capture all their movements and intimate moments. Well, can not you imagine what your personal life is? However, after all, they are human beings like us with desires and fantasies, which never end. Many of these celebrities are obsessed with making their own $ 3x tape so they can then see and regain that moment, what gives them an emotion. But sometimes everything does not go according to plan, when these special tapes,

We bring you 10 celebrities who recorded their intimate moments and lamented later.

1. Pamela Anderson

Pamela Anderson and her husband Tommy Lee decided to record their sexual act on their honeymoon. Just a few days later, that sex tape was stolen from his home in 1995. When you are dealing with your intimate moments, you must be very careful. They sued the distribution company and reached an agreement.

The celebrities revealed intimate moments.



2. Collin Farrell

In 2003, the former Hollywood bad guy, Collin Farrell, recorded his moments of love with Playboy model Nicole Narain. Narain sold the 14-minute video and was later sued by the Irish actor.




3. Farrah Abraham

Farrah Abraham, a star of the reality show, recorded $ 3x with the pornographic actor James Deen, who was robbed of his house, according to his claim. Somehow, the video was published and showed that she was drugged and raped, shortly after the distributor released another recording behind the scenes of the first porn video.




4. Paris Hilton

Paris Hilton had to deal with a shameful $ 3x video shoot in 2004, which she had done with her then boyfriend Rick Solomon in 2001. Solomon sued Hilton for defamation, but the socialite received $ 400,000 after she stated that part of That would be donated to charity.




5. Chelsea Handler

The comedian had to deal with one of his sex tapes leaked in 2010, the one he had made in the ’90s. It was deleted from the video as part of a joke he had sent online as a listening tape.



6. Rob Lowe

Lowe was considered one of the first celebrities, involved in a $ 3x scandal, and guess who, with a 16 year old. The actor recorded his sex session with the teenager one night before the Democratic National Convention in Atlanta, Georgia, in 1988. This sex tape shattered his career and took years to be taken seriously again.



7. Kim Kadarshian

Do you know how Kim became a superstar? Well, here’s the story, a $ 3x leaked video made in 2003 by Kim Kardashian and her ex-boyfriend Ray J, was released in 2007, which made Kim an overnight superstar. Kim sued Ray J. and soon received $ 5 million.




8. Eric Dane

The former Gray’s Anatomy actor, Eric Dane, was caught in a controversial $ 3x movie with his wife Rebecca Gayheart in 2009. At that time, another woman, apart from the couple, also participated in the video. Dane sued the distributors for $ 1 million.


Jennifer Lopez’s first husband, Ojani Noa, has been in conflict with the actress, singer and dancer to allow her to release her homemade $ 3x honeymoon tape. Noa, who had been married to Lopez from February 2007 to January 2008, has not been allowed to do so to date.





10. Hulk Hogan

In 2012, the WWE star had a $ 3 per person ratio with Heather Clem, who was married to the personality of the Bubba the Love Sponge radio. The couple made a tape of Hogan and Clem of $ 3 times engaged in the act and then you can listen to Bubba saying in the video: “If we ever need to retire, here is our ticket”, alluding to the video. Hogan sued the distribution company for $ 100 million and received $ 115 million last spring.



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The 10 best nudist beaches in the world

The nudist beaches, also known as optional beaches, free or naturist, are places where you can take off your swimsuit and enjoy the sun, sand and water with the freedom of a lazy nude. The nude beaches are few and far away, but we have rounded up a list of the best and cheapest in the world. Just do not forget the sunscreen.

Red Beach, Crête, Greece
Red Beach is an intimate, secluded nudist beach with red, thick, clear sand of rusty water. The area can be accessed through a 20-minute walk from Matala, and around the beach visitors will find caves, ancient ruins and cliffs of red sandstone. The picturesque Red Beach became a tourist access point in the 1960s when hippies across Europe came to experience a nude beach. Enjoy the tranquility and rustic charm of this Greek beauty of 300 meters long.

Plakias Beach, Crête, Greece
With a length of 1.3 kilometers, Plakias Beach is one of the largest and most picturesque beaches of Crête. The popular destination has panoramic views of rocky cliffs, cool turquoise waters and soft sandy beaches. Naked bathers tend to stick to the east edge of the beach. The beach of Plakias also offers excellent diving and windsurfing in a relatively shallow and calm sea.

Valalta, Rovinj, Croatia
Valalta is a very popular naturist beach and a nudist camp that opened its doors in the late sixties. Located in an area surrounded by olive trees and idyllic vineyards, you will have an excellent view no matter where you look. The beach is two miles long with sandy and rocky areas, as well as intimate coves to explore, and the bright blue water shines in the sun. Valalta is the only naturist port on the Adriatic Sea.

Wreck Beach, Vancouver, Canada
Named for the shipwreck that used to be in its sands, Wreck Beach was Canada’s first optional beach approved by the government and clothing. The three miles of the beautiful beach are only 15 minutes from downtown Vancouver, but the remote area is accessible only on foot. Wreck Beach is quite popular with students at the nearby University of British Columbia, and is the largest nudist beach in North America.

Cap d’Agde, Agde, France
Cap d’Agde is a world-famous naturist complex. Located in the south of France, the small town grows to a population of around 40,000 in the summer months, and nudity also comes to life on the beach. In this small French city, you can do much more than simply sunbathing or a slim bath with your birthday suit, you can buy, dine and see everything naked. As a tip, the locals tend to keep things very clean and tidy down.

Haulover Beach, Bal Harbor, FL, USA UU
North of Miami is the best place to bathe naked in Florida. Haulover beach receives more than one million visitors each year, and the busy beach manages to maintain a family atmosphere. The South Beach Free Beach Association has helped Haulover receive certified lifeguards and has organized group activities such as volleyball. The 800-yard strip of white sand beach has excellent weather almost all year round.

Bellevue beach, Klampenborg, Denmark Denmark
may not be the first country you can think of when you dream of nudist places, but Bellevue beach is a piece of paradise 700 meters long. Located just 10 kilometers from the center of Copenhagen, the complex was designed in the 1930s, when holiday entitlement became mandatory in Denmark. Each year, around half a million visitors flock to the beach, which makes it the most popular in Denmark.

Hidden Beach Resort, Riviera Maya, Mexico
This luxurious coastal resort is an isolated naturist refuge. In Hidden Beach Resort there are 45 suites facing the sea where visitors will eat, drink, relax and bathe naked. Because it is designed for nudists, the resort is for adults only and the staff recommends bringing a towel to sit at all times. The all-inclusive package offers dances, spa visits and explorations along the Mayan Riviera of Mexico. In addition, you get access to some of the best beaches in the area.

Little Beach, Maui, HI, USA UU
Little Beach is a quiet and clear beach located next to the Great Maui Beach. The intimate stretch of white sand beaches and turquoise water is one of the most beautiful places in Hawaii to rest by the water. Although nudity is not technically legal, it is tolerated in this secluded and relaxed area. Some tourists prefer to wear clothes, but most take advantage of the lack of compliance with the nudity laws here.

Massarandupió Beach, Bahia, Brazil
Praia do Pinho is probably the best-known nudist beach in Brazil, but if you’re looking for something more isolated, you should visit the lesser-known Massarandupió. This beach can only be accessed by a single road followed by a 1.5-kilometer hike. The beach has an amazing length of 12 kilometers, but only 2 kilometers are reserved for naturists. This beach is a lovely place for those who shudder at the idea of ​​visiting a beach full of tourists.

10 Photos that prove that Reggaeton will soon end the human race

For some people reggaeton is a lifestyle, for others it is anything but something that contributes positive things to society. The truth is that we can not deny that within this genre there are many talented artists, but also some others who are not a good example for the new generations.

1. So are the artists who create it

2. In this they transform you

3. Loose clothes is your specialty

4. In this has become the schools

5. Although there is no age distinction

6. These are the children in the house

7. These are the consequences

8. And even parents enjoy it

9. Everyone wants to imitate them

10. Always in fashion

See why she is considered the only most perfect woman in history. These 11 photos show it.

Her name is Anastasiya Kvitko and at 21 she has become the sensation in social networks. Four years ago she started her career as a model in her native Russia but when she moved to the city of Miami, she became more popular. Look at these 11 photos that show why they say the “Kim Kardashian Russian”:
1.- She insists that she has never undergone surgeries and that all her attributes are natural.

2.- The first modeling agency that hired her asked her to lose weight, she refused.

3.- Love to take selfies.

4.- Most of their advertising campaigns are lingerie and swimwear.

5.- Where you see it is incredible.

6.- By its attributes it is compared with Kim, but perhaps Anastasiya surpasses it.

7.- Even natural is beautiful.

8.- You can tell that he loves his body, expresses a lot of security.

9.- Change the color of your hair constantly but all tones work well.

10.- Take good care of your body with exercise and a healthy diet.

11.- Anastasiya has a profile on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram, follow her to see more of her favorite photos.

These are the 22 couples that showed that love is BLIND.

Many people spend much of their lives looking for their best half. The truth is a quite old concept and, in some way, even a little outdated, since we do not know if looking for the best half will be a good idea at the end of the day.

However, no one will deny that, when that happens, the other half can represent something that not even imagined and end up being a great fairy tale where the end is that everyone lived happily at the end of time. But that only happens there, in fairy tales, in the real world, often much stranger things happen, so strange that they give way to this note.

We know that love should be disinterested, and as it is, the way of visualizing things should change a bit. But the case of all these couples becomes blind, so blind that we even doubt that they ever had an idea of ​​what they were really looking for.

Nobody will doubt the good feelings of others, obviously if the case does not justify thinking about something suspicious, of course, but in truth these couples are quite peculiar, so peculiar that we doubt that anyone can believe that they are really couples until they both get married and they swear eternal love and even then, they will continue (and we will continue) to doubt.

Yes, there are many strange things in this world that if any of these cases is good, the truth should not surprise us, because well, there is always a broken copy. So, if you think you’re going to be left alone for the rest of your life, you can see this note again to fill your hopes and make you go out and keep looking for that blind love you so much need.

The child who has never eaten a gram of sugar like that is what it looks like today

I know many of you who read this article will laugh at the idea of ​​your child not eating anything that contains factory sugar.

Sweets and cakes are as important a part of a child’s life as unconditional love and attention.

Sweets try to make them behave, right?

So, why would a well-intentioned father deny his children any of these?

You definitely had sweets and chocolates when you were a kid, and here you are today, you’re doing very well.

In moderation, does not sugar hurt anyone or not?

Well, before entering into that discussion, it is important to affirm that the sugar we are talking about is the one that does not exist in nature.

Like sweets and cakes, not those that exist in fruits. 

You see, with the advance in the scientific method of research, we are beginning to see the devastating effects of sugar on our health, both in the short and long term.

Young children are becoming type 2 diabetics in a growing number, which is quite alarming.

And that’s because this type of disease is often considered an old folk disease.

Therefore, because of this, an increasing number of people become intentional when it comes to their nutrition.

They are choosing to go the healthy route instead of having a piece of their meals as junk food.

And as these people become parents, you can bet that they would transfer the mentality of eating healthy to their children.

So, if you have ever considered the possibility of raising a child without sugar, then Grace Cooper will tell you what can be done.

In fact, it’s done.

Now, Shan Cooper is the mother of a 2 and a half year old boy who has never tried any type of factory-made sugar.

Then, naturally, the next question is “How did he do it?”

Well, she just did it.

You see, Grace said she’ll keep it that way until the girl (who by the way is called Grace) has grown up to choose what she wants to eat or not eat.

Shan, who is Grace’s mother, has said that this would lay the foundation for a solid foundation for healthy eating habits.

And to be honest, this makes a lot of sense.

The mother continues: “If she eats a piece of bread, I’m not going to have a conniption,” Shan said in a Daily Mail interview when Grace was only a year and a month old that “She’s going to parties.” children and eat what’s there. I’m never going to Grace, ‘You can not eat anything at this party, but I made you some cabbage, here you are.’ ”

So, what made Shan take the route she took?

You see, Shan always had problems with food allergies and reached a point where she decided to stop taking gluten, dairy products and other artificial foods.

And when she became a mother, it was natural to pass on that kind of healthy diet to her son.

Now, what does your diet contain?

First of all, this is what your diet does not include: cereals and dairy products.

Shan says that Grace has only had a cold despite constantly playing with children who have their nose working.

And that’s really amazing for a child his age.

Shan attributes Grace’s strong immune system to the diet she has.

She goes on to say that most adults who have trouble eating healthy foods usually have other problems they face, but turn to emotional nourishment to numb their pain.

Therefore, she plans to teach her daughter that eating the right foods will make her healthy and strong and that food will not be used as a drug to escape the pains of reality.

She also says that she is doing what she is doing so that her daughter knows the difference between a high sugar compared to sweets and tastes compared to a calm and focused mind that comes from eating healthy and natural foods.

Even though you are doing the best you can to give your child the best choice in a healthy life, she is not separated from reality.

Shan goes on to say that she knows that her daughter would come home one day full of sugar just to say ‘Mom, I’m not feeling very well’. ”

But why do this? Because it is important?

You see, children learn almost everything they do when they SEE and not necessarily listen to their parents.

And that includes lifestyle choices, such as eating healthy foods.

Therefore, having parents who do not take their health seriously or eat whatever feels right for the languages ​​would be a big obstacle in a child who wants to go a healthy route.

And that is why it is important that parents take the initiative to break the disease cycle by eating well.

A doctor once said that most so-called genetic diseases are genetic because children follow the same lifestyle that made their parents sick.

A saying goes like this: “Obesity does not run in your family, your family just does not run.

Critics are fighting for blood.

You see, many skeptics say that removing grains and legumes from Grace’s food may not necessarily be a good thing since they feel that they are not getting the nutrients their body needs.

But Shan says that for every unhealthy meal she has extracted from Grace’s food, she has replaced it with natural foods rich in nutrients.

And he’s confused as to why people would consider that an unhealthy option.

It is important to note here that one must do their due diligence in research before making such dietary changes in their meals or those of their children.

That’s if you want to get out of the whole experience with a healthy body.

As for Shan, she is not someone who is forcing her type of diet into anyone’s throat. Nor does she feel that she is automatically better than others at choosing to cut sugars.

She just wants to train other parents to consume healthy foods that put them in the position of having the best life they can have.

15 photos show that broken jeans were a good idea until the sun came up

Wearing clothes that are in trend can give you a certain status with society, but you know what the saying says: fashion that suits you; and it is that there are jeans that look very beautiful when you try them, even, you imagine how good they will be and the envy that you will cause, but you never stop to think about the consequences or the damages that will come after using them for hours. true?

If you wear torn jeans and expose yourself to the sun, be sure that you will experience one of the worst moments when you arrive at your house at the end of the day, because it is very possible that your skin will burn and there will be the marks of the openings painted on it. your legs, just like it happened with these girls.

1. Ripped jeans are a nice trend

2. But before buying them to see you like this

3. Think very well about the consequences, especially if you use them under the sun

4. You can end up with some horrible spots

5. The sun can burn the uncovered parts

6. You will look like a tiger if you expose yourself a lot of time to the rays of the sun

8. Literally, you will be a sore tiger

9. Maybe you think: “Hey, I have jeans on, I should not worry”

10. But the sun will catch you, and it will hurt you

11. When you wear torn jeans your knees end up with severe burns

12. This summer think about your thighs

13. Pay attention to your legs!

14. If you do not want your skin to look like this

15. Then use them with caution, do not expose yourself for hours in the sun with slanted jeans